Jack Monterey

Jack Monterey's life has been on the rocks--in a highball glass--since the death of his business partner and boyfriend three years ago. When an old friend on the Boston Police force sends him an annoying client, he feels obligated.

Most importantly, he was broke, and she had an envelope full of cash.

But, things weren't what they seemed and a woman's life hung in the balance. Will he prove he still has the chops, or will he walk away in defeat?

Check out the first installment from the files of Jack Monterey Investigation. Available in Kindle eBook and paperback.

Book 2 Coming Soon!

Betting on Murder

(Title may change)

Jack's new client is being stalked by an assasin. He'll have to get help from an unlikely place... and still may not figure it out in time.

Book 3 Coming a little less soon!

Playing for Keeps

When he's hired to bodyguard an actor, his own life almost ends up on the cutting room floor.