Join Barin as he navigates the underworld of humanity's future where one company is in charge of the government and all commerce... and he's pissed off the most powerful people around. When he realizes someone is manipulating his life... he has to decide to either roll with it or fight back.

Barin gave up his life as a Raider for a noble reason: to save his own ass...

But now, a few years later, he's dealing with a cocky, upstart pilot, secretly dating the boss's son, and the computer on his ship has been updated to the point where his job as a pilot is almost obsolete.

When the captain of his old Raider ship shows up on the space station all hell breaks loose. He makes powerful enemies and a group of unlikely allies. And pieces of his murky heritage bubble to the surface as they run for their lives.

Get ready for the first installment of a look into the fast paced life of humanity after we're forced to flee to the stars.